#CryptoRumours #CryptoGossip #CryptoNews Gamestop Web3 Everpoint Meetup! Sparkster ICO scam wallets Active!? The Shitcoin Rumour Mill!
NeverMind the ShitcoinsMay 23, 202200:05:495.34 MB

#CryptoRumours #CryptoGossip #CryptoNews Gamestop Web3 Everpoint Meetup! Sparkster ICO scam wallets Active!? The Shitcoin Rumour Mill!

The hottest #CryptoRumours #CryptoGossip and #CryptoNews in under 5 mins you'll find today!  

Hi, I’m Ben Bob, and welcome to Fun with Crypto, with me, Ben Bob!  Now, we’re gonna have a lot of fun today, looking at some crypto headlines and gossip, and whether you’re looking for your next big shitcoin, or you’re just sitting back, all comfy in your armchair and watching along with the fun, remember, this isn’t financial advices….   

  So we’re gonna start by spreading the greens, as we look at the charts… oh, well now that can’t be right… it’s all red…   Well in more pleasant warm yellla tones… it seems our friends gamestop are getting their pretty little fingers into the web3 wallet pie… following Robinhood as well, ain;t that nice, apparently GameStop launched a self-custodial Ethereum wallet in beta mode  

Wwell, we need a little bleuy in there too now, so let’s see here, over the past weekend the Sparkster wallets from the 2018 ICO scam became active for the first time in ~3 years swapping 14,200 ETH for $22.7m USDC across 5 wallets.   

And how’;s about some purple to add some real pleasant playfulness to the picture here, as well as keeping Ben’s employers happy, the Everscale Everpoint Bali meetup was covered in the Bloomberg… they all had a good time, that’s for sure, so check the article to learn more ya’ll…   

And why not complete the pic with some dirty old muddy Do Kwon goodness to fill in the blanks here… seems that Luna jumped 40% today, but even after he gave the people lotsa reassuring words about burn addresses, they’re still launching the class action law suits. We can only hope everyone finds a way to get along now can;t we…   

And here’s a happy little bright pink smile, apparently 12% of US people, like me, used crypto to buy something last year. I know I had a good time! 

And shoot…. We got a finished show. If you prefer me to Ben or Hunter, who weirdly I happened to be very good friends with in real actual life… then leave a little like and maybe even a comment, so I know you had a good time…. Bye now…

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