Most of the way through editing my own drowning breathe noises from this week's episode, and I just wanted to say: Reaper Rocks.

Of course, NVMTS isn't a one-man band, but as host, producer, researcher and editor (plus whatever else), anything which saves time and makes life a little smoother is a god send. Throughout series one I did all my editing with Audacity, which, despite some mixed information out there about spyware, is alright. It gets the job done.

So I stuck with it for 8 whole episodes, until, finally, during the S1 break, I took the plunge into the dark, scary Reaper interface. 

It's taken a couple of weeks to really get into a groove with it, and I'll admit I've spat my dummy out a few times, but, the slog has been more than worth it. Simple tasks like leveling off, debreathing, etc, are way more efficient, and twice as undoable (for those of you who still make a lot of mistakes like me!). 

So if you're thinking about taking the plunge, in the words of Shia LeBouef, just do it.